100 Things in 20 Minutes

The 100 things writing challenge

Nichola Scurry
4 min readSep 10, 2022

A racing car with lots of smoke coming out of it.
Type fast don’t crash. Photo by PhotoPum RanaRoja on Unsplash

This challenge comes from one Hogan Torah.


  1. Four wheel driving and loneliness.
  2. Mullets
  3. Orange skin
  4. Chunky sweaters worn in early seasons of Friends.
  5. Cackling so loud watching Seinfeld repeats the neighbours become alarmed
  6. The way Americans pronounce Craig as Creg
  7. How they pronounce Graham and Gram.
  8. And that they don’t realise a fanny’s your minge
  9. Loud and satisfying farts
  10. SKid marks
  11. I’ve been told I have an earthy sense of humour
  12. Are your beans broad?
  13. Are your boots bossy?
  14. I have ants on my plants but not in my pants.
  15. Barcelona smells like weed.
  16. The Australian national anthem contains the word “girt”.
  17. Fuck off, Grammarly.
  18. Sometimes when people cry I feel like laughing.
  19. I’d get through this faster if I didn’t worry about offending people.
  20. Sorry, not sorry, if I offend you.
  21. I wonder if Charles Part 3 will lose his head like the first Charles.
  22. Dogs when their lipstick comes out.
  23. I’m the slowest typist in my team at work.
  24. I know because we had a competition and I came last.
  25. I don’t care for cats, they’re not to be trusted.
  26. Was it a coincidence the Queen died right after meeting Liz Truss?
  27. Urine the smells like lemonade.
  28. Someone somewhere has the surname Shit.
  29. Hello, Mr Shit.
  30. Type rude words into Google Maps and you’ll see they are actual places.
  31. Don’t think, type!
  32. If it’s discrimination if my jokes are laughed at less than men’s jokes?
  33. Or I’m just not as funny as I think I am.
  34. When you kick a football and your shoe flies off.

Nichola Scurry

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